Sunday, November 20, 2011

Eva Longoria Hairstyles

Eva Longoria Hair
Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria hairstyles never fail to amaze her fans with its super shiny tresses that everybody covets. Let's check out some of this celebrity hairstyles here.
Almost all of you out there will agree that right selection of hairstyle can make a huge difference to our overall look.

Basically celebrities are the trend setters and it helps us in deciding what hairstyle to follow. These days each and every celebrity has got different hairstyle and different ways of sustaining such style.

One of the highly admired stars of the popular show 'Desperate Housewife' Eva Longoria is also known for her fancy and sometime dramatic hair styles. In fact she has already become a source of inspiration for thousands of celebrity fan all over the world.

This beautiful actress as well as model is familiar face which graces numerous of fashion magazines, events, TV screen and always keeps up with the latest trends. Her look is always so chic and classy with her great hairstyles which add to her fresh and elegant appeal.

Different hairstyles worn by Eva include having bangs, curly hairstyle, up do hairstyle, celebrity short hairstyles like a bob and many others that make her look absolutely gorgeous.

In fact she looks stunning and fabulous with the elegant and stylish hairstyle that has the curly strands having the front hair pinned with a puff at the crown while the hair at the back left loose.

Eva Longoria's long luscious hairstyle at the 2008 CFDA Fashion Awards was highly appreciated by fashion critics and her fans all over.

Her stunning brown locks were left to hang over her shoulders to show off the medium to long layers that were cut through her back and sides for added bounce and movement.

Whatever Eva Longoria does, her hairstyles never fail to amaze her fans with its super shiny tresses that everybody covets. Eva also looks gorgeous with the honey blonde locks that are created by the addition of short layers to the sides with the hairs having soft turn over at the ends.

Irrespective of whether she is sporting an elegant up do or leaving her waves long and loose, her hair is always super shiny and highly covetable. In fact she is a genius at adding volume to her hairstyles, whether it is a 60s style flip with a headband, a teased ponytail or a messy up do.

Normally she likes to keep her hair long, experimenting with great styles and colours instead of the hair length. Even though Eva Longoria is mostly associated with long hairstyles, but she had to make some compromise on it for her television series. In fact she had to cut her long beautiful locks to the cute short bob haircut.

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